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As I am currently away from home for study, and as Skype has proven to be rather problematic in terms of time zones, I have decided to start a blog in an attempt to keep in touch with family and friends back in Canada.

August 31, 2011

Vacation 8

Today I registered for school, and in a few days I sign up for classes. =) I found out that my Winter Vacation is from January 16 Until February 12. Yay! On the eighth day we went to the World Expo in Shanghai. We waited an hour to get it, which was far better than the waiting time of 3-5 hours during the actual World Expo, but it was still rather boring. After we got through the gate, we entered a new line to go up the elevator to get to the first station, where we waited in a group for the theatre to clear out before we were able to watch the film. The film was the main attraction of China's Station and was about China's history and hopes for the future. It was quite good and I took some pictures and a video at the bottom, if it works. After the video we left the theatre to follow the pack of people through the rest of the building. There were a few interesting things, but it mostly felt like an interactive line-up. There was a part where you could take a train through part of the building, but the wait was 45 minutes so we walked through instead. We were running out of time before we headed to our next location. Next we went to a famous tourist area full of shops and where Shanghai's famous dumplings were sold. However, the area is also quite famous for pick-pockets so we had to watch out. We were able to haggle at the shops, and we found out that the tea at the Tea Village really had been selling for a good deal. Afterwards we went for dinner where more dumplings were served, and they were quite good. That night we went to see the lights in Shanghai across the bay and then walked down Nanjing road to see all the shops before heading back to the hotel.

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