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As I am currently away from home for study, and as Skype has proven to be rather problematic in terms of time zones, I have decided to start a blog in an attempt to keep in touch with family and friends back in Canada.

July 20, 2011


A while back I went on a trip to Shanghai along with the rest of the my group. We went with a member of one of the older DDP groups and his friend, whom guided us and helped us buy tickets for the train and get a hotel. We stayed there for one night and mostly just looked around one of the main tourist streets. We went for dinner at a nice restuarant and ordered a lot of food before going for a walk.

The next day we took a ferry across to the other side where we walked around for a while. We thought of going to the tower, however it was very expensive and we would not have been able to see much due to the fog. We also considered visiting the museum, but it was also rather expensive and we're all pretty... uh... 'frugal'.

In the end, we went to an underground tunnel at which there was a small exhibit with some fish and sea creature replicas. Afterwards, we took the tunnel back to the other side of the river.

The tunnel was rather strange. We entered small trams which then took us through the 'entertainment tunnel'. Through the entire ride, techno space music was played punctuated by occasional phrases in Mandarin and English such as 'Shine Star' and 'Dream Go'. The tunnel was lined with blinking Christmas lights and you couldn't actually see into the river, although there would not be much to see due to the polution... The tunnel was also filled with inflatable dolls of children and wacky inflatable arm flailing tube men.

Once we reached the other side, it started to rain and we decided to return to Hangzhou. Instead of taking the train we took a bus. My camera died just before this trip, so I don't have any pictures right now, I'll try to get some from everyone else though.

That's all for now! =)

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